Actress Debra Teng‘s COVID-19 Lockdown Story

This is Debra ’s COVID-19 lockdown story. Debra Teng, a Singaporean actress, lost all her gigs when Singapore announced a ‘circuit breaker’ , its version of a coronavirus lockdown. Hear what she has to say to her future self.

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Here is the full transcript of Debra Teng’s COVID-19 lockdown story:

It’s 18th of April 2020. Day 11 of circuit breaker in Singapore or actually it’s in fact a lockdown here.

I think I realized that I really am a hermit that I am actually quite alright living on my own and not having I you know too much human interaction. I’m actually okay part of it is I asked I’ve been trained since I’ve been living alone for a big part of my adult life and not having like a partner in my life so it was something that I I’ve gotten used to so it wasn’t such a huge shock to my system. When I have to live on my own and not being able to see anybody so that’s alright.

What I what I do miss is my freedom being able to just go outside and exercise anywhere anytime I want and run or do my yoga or anything else like that that’s something that I do miss , you know small liberties like that and also I miss my scuba diving I miss not being able to go diving to see my marine friends underwater.

But on the plus side I’m actually really happy that nature is starting to regenerate because you know a lot less human footprint and human you know damage done to nature I’m really happy that nature has a chance to ,you know ,come out and play and grow and flourish.

The other thing I’m very happy about is the social distancing. I’ve always been one of those people that feel very uncomfortable when strangers that really close to me so the social distancing guideline I think is, it’s quite a blessing for someone like me

I hope that actually everybody would come out of this a better person then , that we would come out of this a better nation and and really begin to weigh what’s really important for us and for me personally I realized that I don’t really need that much to to be happy in life .

So after what I recorded earlier two days ago, our prime minister announced that our circuit breaker will be extended by one month up till the first of June. I have to admit that when I first heard the news I had a bit of a panic attack. These are really unusual circumstances, you know, just yesterday people were fighting over bubble tea. You know we’re just behaving irrationally because you know these are just such strange times and people just don’t know how to deal with it. Interesting, interesting times.

Anyways, you’ll be alright okay [Music]

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