Social Impact Startup Fairmarch’s COVID-19 Lockdown Story

This is Fairmarch’s COVID-19 lockdown story. With one deaf and one visually impaired team member, working from home poses special challenges for this social impact startup. Hear what they have to say to their future selves.

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Here is the full transcript of FairMarch’s COVID-19 lockdown story

Jorena (Sign language)


We’re part of Fairmarch team.

An online marketplace for social enterprises, charities and non-profits.

We’re working from home.

And face special challenges.

I am Jorena and deaf.

Edwin is visually-impaired.

Victor loves to talk so I will hand over to him

Victor, Fairmarch CEO

So during this COVID-19 situation, operations have definitely been negatively affected. Sales have plummeted quite substantially. But this is nothing compared to what our vendor partners, particularly the charities and nonprofits are going through and I can’t imagine the loss of likelihood for many of their beneficiaries or reductions.

Edwin , Fairmarch team member

I cannot attend my chess training. I cannot meet friends. I cannot go shopping. And my work is really affected. However, working from home allows me to learn how to work with my colleagues and bosses through online platforms.

Jorena ( Sign language)

The Covid-19 situation is worrying.

A lot of people lost their jobs.

All non-essential workplaces are mandated by the government to close for 2 months.

They might not earn any revenue and be forced to retrench staff.

I am thankful that I can still keep my job for now.

But I am not sure about the future after that.

I am thankful to Victor for keeping me longer.

Ha ha ha!

Well, I know it’s nothing as compared to others who suffered more serious losses.

I hope that the virus can be eradicated immediately

And life goes back to normalcy

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