CoronaVideo: Singer Darsh’s COVID19 lockdown story

This is Darsh Vaghasia’s COVID-19 lockdown story. 19-year old Darsh is a Gujarati-based computer science and engineering student, foodie and singer. India’s lockdown left him bored and unsatisfied. Hear what Darsh has to say to his future self.

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Here is a full transcript of Darsh’s CoronaVideo

Dear Darsh Varghasia, I’m sending the message to the future you. So currently we all are fighting against the Coronavirus together by staying at home, hashtag stay at home. In the beginning phase of the lockdown, I find it will be a fun part. And I just started watching all the series and movies that I wanted to watch. And in almost a week I completed on all of that and left with nothing. So and for almost two days, I said no thinking of nothing and doing nothing.

Then so basically I am a singer, I do record my music covers on my YouTube channel, uploaded on my YouTube channel and my Instagram account. And so a thought came across my mind about why not make a website A music website of my own name Darsh music. So I did some working on it. And finally I ended up me designing or website of my own. Well, it’s not launched yet, but it is in progress. Besides, I learned cooking and every day I learn new things about it, new recipes.

Then besides I also got an internship in web development with a great stipend. And now at the end, last but not the least, at the end, I would like to showcase my talent in singing.

Darsh sings song of unrequited love in Hindi.

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