Voiceover Artist Allen Milford Vanik’s CoronaVideo Story

This is Allen Milford Vanik CoronaVideo story. Hear what Allen has to say to his future self about the unexpected peace of quarantine life, and how it has brought both his everyday joys and simmering grief into sharper focus.

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Here is the full transcript of Allen’s CoronaVideo

This is Allen Milford Vanik’s COVID-19 lockdown story. A voice-over artist by trade, Allen has found himself with an abundance of time to reflect. Hear what he has to say about his future self about the peace he has found in quarantine.

Dear Allen, this is a message to the future me — you. on the COVID-19 pandemic experience and what matters to me. I don’t take time to define “me”. I am. What really matters to me is being blessed with another day.

My favorite part of the COVID-19 hashtag stay home lockdown experience, was teaching myself how to make pizza from scratch — although it will take time to get rid of the extra weight.”

There were no least favorite parts. It was all fascinating to watch, and observe. I am an observer. I use what I see in my craft as a voiceover person and human being.

I miss my mom. I always miss my mom, and my dad. They are both no longer here physically, but they are always with me. And I also miss my first wife Linda — she was a wonderful, wonderful woman.”

I love nothing about technology. It gets in the way of human interaction. Oh, the zoom meetings were fun. But I’m a proud technology Luddite.

Although I don’t hate it. Hate is a waste of my time.

I love people and communication, face to face is best. It is my purpose and it is my passion.

The one thing I wished I had done more of…nothing. I did my best every day, and only the now counts.

Blessings to you. Be well, and stay safe, always.”

You can find out more about Allen’s work on his official website here.

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