Dancer Seher Noor Mehra’s CoronaVideo Story

This is Seher noor Mehra’s COVID-19 lockdown story. As a dancer used to working closely with others in performance, lockdown has posed obvious problems for her artistry. Hear what Seher has to say to her future self.

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Here is the transcript of Seher’s CoronaVideo:

This is Seher noor Mehra’s CoronaVideo, a message to her future self, recorded amid India’s coronavirus lockdown, during which she can no longer perform.

Hi, Seher. I’m sending a message to the future you. 

What I’ve what I found tough during the time of Corona is mainly physical contact with people. Being a dancer, we … we sort of vibe on physical energy. And that’s been really difficult, not having that. 

I think what I’ve learned during this pandemic, is that, you know, we have to love ourselves, we have to be absolutely in tune with what we’re doing in our daily lives. We have to do what we love.

I think technology has played a huge part during the corona virus pandemic, in connecting people worldwide. Now we know we’re not alone. We have stood together; as a race, as … as humans, as people together.

What I did not like about technology during this time is I think that people are still trying to sort of, you know, reach somewhere that isn’t possible. Still trying to set these unimaginable goals, these ambitions that are way too high, and that sort of doesn’t work for everyone.

I think that we need to give space to everyone to deal with this the way they want to deal with it.

I would like to tell you, the future self, that this moment is not permanent. And it has taught me a lot about myself, about spending time with myself, about learning things about myself, about understanding different modes of networking, reaching out and just basically evolving as a person. And so just want my future self to know that there is still faith, there is still hope.

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