Call for Stories: WhatsCutPro

WhatscutPro is a mobile platform that offers content editing and integrated sharing tools for social influencers to connect with brands and to effectively monetise their social channels. With 1.4 Million downloads and 8 Million stories shared, Whatcutpro’s influencers are driving the next wave of engagement and impacting the e-commerce industry.

Share Your Story

Whatscutpro is partnering with CoronaVideo to call for stories that capture the challenges and opportunities facing India’s talent in this extraordinary moment of the coronavirus pandemic.

We want to empower our community of influencers to share authentic moments and experiences during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Vikas Shrivastava, CEO of Whatscutpro

In the social media era, everyone is a potential influencer. Whatscutpro empowers a global community with the tools to share their story, I am thrilled and honoured to partner with them to capture great stories in this extraordinary moment in human history.

Tan Siok Siok, Director, CoronaVideo

A Message to Your Future Self

Record a video message to your future self, looking back on the coronavirus pandemic and sharing the insights you have gained. 

What have you learned about who you really are and what matters to you most?

Record Your Video

Please film a video that is between  2-5 minutes long. 
Please film the video in landscape mode, not portrait mode.

Suggested opening lines

I accept the CoronaVideo challenge on Whatscutpro. Come take the challenge with me!
Dear [ insert your own name ) , this is the message to the future you.

Imagine you are sending a message to your future self.

  1. Introduce yourself. Who you are and what you do normally? 
  2. What is the struggle or loss that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused you?
  3. What are you doing to overcome the challenge? What good things have you experienced (if any) ?
  4. What do you want to tell your future self never to forget about this COVID19 moment
  5. Bonus points : show off your special talent on camera : sing a song, dance a dance, perform a magic trick.

Submission guidelines

  1. Please submit a high resolution copy of the video to via the Whatscutpro cobranded site 
  2. Submit videos and photos that showcase your talent and illustrate your story 
  3. Post your video directly to Whatscutpro app where the team can promote it
  4. Post your video to your own social media and video channels

You can submit multiple video and photo files below:

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