Call for Stories

To capture the diversity of human stories of the coronavirus pandemic, we are joining hands with partners around the world to call for stories.

Our Vision

CoronaVideo is a collaborative film project about human connection and alienation amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Watch our first teaser here:

 4 Year Old Nina’s Stay Home Story :

We want to give people a sense of agency in a dark time by sharing stories of humanity and hope. 

Call for Partners

To capture the diversity of human stories of the COVID-19, we are seeking partners for our call for stories.

Conferences, festivals and Facebook groups are all potential partners. We are also looking to tie up with journalism and communications schools to get their students involved.

Proposed Partnership Timeline  : 

  1.  Customise call for stories for partner’s community 
  2. Build custom Co branded landing page for story submissions
  3. Send out call for submissions with deadline before end of the lockdown 
  4. Select best of video submissions. Share on YouTube, Instagram TV and other platforms. The videos will be co branded with the partner’s logo on video end tag. 
  5. Host virtual Facebook and YouTube watch parties to mark the end of lockdown 
  6. Hold offline special screening and discussion in August – September or whenever life regains some semblance of normalcy.

Contact Us

Please drop us a note at

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