Call for Stories: We;Poetry Global

WE; POETRY GLOBAL is a community providing a digital space for live online poetry open mics, providing a safe, open platform for poets and spoken word artists to share their works with fellow creatives from around the world.

We believe that words have the power to change our tomorrows, so let our messages and voices be heard… today.

Share Your Poetry

As a global pandemic takes over, there are many hidden stories and unseen struggles.We; Poetry Global wants to help provide an outlet for expressing the current thoughts and feelings of its members. So, we are partnering with CoronaVideo, calling for video submissions of works (original poems or songs) inspired or influenced by COVID-19 and the lockdown. We believe that even in dark times, there is still a light from within us. Let us document this moment, for our future selves, and generations to come.

Through this collection of poems and songs, we aim to show that even in the darkest times there is still a light from within through the powers of emotion, words and most importantly art.


In this extraordinary moment of a global pandemic, may we turn our anguish into poetry and our despair into song. We are grateful to WE; POETRY GLOBAL for helping us discover and celebrate inspiring works of humanity and hope.

Tan Siok Siok, Director, CoronaVideo

Call for Original Works

We are calling for original works of poetry and song inspired by the coronavirus pandemic.

Record Your Video

Record your video in landscape mode , not portrait mode, using your phone, tablet or whatever you have at hand.

Perform your original poem or song on camera, or visualise your creation with photos, videos or art work. Please make sure that you own the rights to all visuals and music in the video you upload.

  1. Introduce yourself. 
  2. Share the story of what inspired to create the poem or song you are sharing with us.
  3. Perform your COVID-19 lockdown inspired work on camera.

If you have photos, videos or artwork that illustrate your poem or song, please submit them along with your video response to the call for original works.

You can submit multiple video files below:

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