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Talk Journalism is a not for profit initiative that discusses and debates the challenges confronting the journalism profession amid a fast changing media space. We empower journalists by helping them master the latest technologies and learn new skills. Talk Journalism is an initiative of The Vox Media Foundation. 

Share Your Story

TalkJournalism is partnering with CoronaVideo to call for stories that capture the challenges and opportunities facing India’s journalists as they report on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic amid India’s national lockdown.

As journalists, we are on the frontlines of the battle against the coronavirus pandemic. We have to strike a balance between reporting the truth and sharing stories of humanity and hope amid the darkness.

Avinash Kalla, Founder, TalkJournalism

I have been honoured to be associated with TalkJournalism from its first edition in 2012. I can‘t think of a better partner for discovering and celebrating the stories of journalists reporting on India’s battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

Tan Siok Siok, Director, CoronaVideo

A Message to the Future

Record a video message to your future self, looking back on the coronavirus pandemic and sharing the insights you have gained. 

What have you learned about who you really are and what matters to you most as a journalist?

Record Your Video

Record your video in landscape mode (not portrait mode) using your phone, tablet or whatever you have at hand

Imagine you are sending a message to your future self.

  1. Introduce yourself. 
  2. Start your video message with these words, “Dear [insert your own name] , I am sending a message to the future you. 
  3. What you learned about who you really are and what really matters to you as a journalist?
  4. What was your favourite part of the COVID-19 lockdown experience?
  5. What was your least favourite part? 
  6. Who did you miss the most? How did you say hello to those you miss?
  7. What did you love about technology as a journalist during the COVID-19 moment? 
  8. What did you hate about technology ?
  9. What is one thing you wished you would have done more of ?
  10. Bonus points : share one coronavirus story which you have covered that has moved you the most.

If you have photos or videos of yourself at work as a journalist during the coronavirus lockdown, please submit them along with your video response to the call for stories.

You can submit multiple video files below:

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