Musician Lincoln Lim’s COVID-19 Lockdown Story

This is Lincoln’s COVID-19 lockdown story. Lincoln Lim, a Singaporean musician, had to cancel the launch party of his first EP, live-streaming it instead. Hear what he has to say to his future self. If you enjoyed Lincoln’s story, subscribe to our YouTube channel here: Here is the full transcript of Lincoln Lim’s COVID-19 lockdownContinue reading “Musician Lincoln Lim’s COVID-19 Lockdown Story”

COVID-19 New York: 4 Year Old Nina’s #StayHome Story

I stumbled upon 4 year old Nina’s video on my friend, Frank Yu’s Facebook feed. Nina is Frank’s 4 year old niece. Her family lives in the greater New York area, the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic. This video was never meant to be shared publicly. Her mom had found Nina’s video journal entry onContinue reading “COVID-19 New York: 4 Year Old Nina’s #StayHome Story”

Isolated But Not Alone

When I opened the door of the apartment I saw the paramedic dressed in full protective gear like a zombie movie. It suddenly hit me – this is real, writes Hugh Mason. It had begun 24 hours earlier, when I noticed I couldn’t smell the orange my wife was peeling next to me. I wentContinue reading “Isolated But Not Alone”