Poetry X Music Duo Anthony and Liane’s CoronaVideo

This is Anthony Tao and Liane Halton’s COVID-19 lockdown story. Working as “Poetry X Music, this Beijing-based duo used collaboration to help get them through lockdown. Hear what they have to say to their future selves. If you enjoyed Anthony and Liane’s CoronaVideo, subscribe to our YouTube channel here: Here is a transcript of Anthony andContinue reading “Poetry X Music Duo Anthony and Liane’s CoronaVideo”

CoronaVideo: Singer Darsh’s COVID19 lockdown story

This is Darsh Vaghasia’s COVID-19 lockdown story. 19-year old Darsh is a Gujarati-based computer science and engineering student, foodie and singer. India’s lockdown left him bored and unsatisfied. Hear what Darsh has to say to his future self. If you enjoyed Darsh’s CoronaVideo, subscribe to our YouTube channel here: Here is a full transcript ofContinue reading “CoronaVideo: Singer Darsh’s COVID19 lockdown story”