Entrepreneur Hugh Mason’s COVID-19 Survivor Story

 This is entrepreneur and innovation leader Hugh Mason’s COVID-19 survivor story. An Adjunct Associate Professor at the National University of Singapore, he found himself, then his wife, testing positive for the virus. Hear what Covid-19 survivor Hugh has to say to his future self. If you enjoyed Hugh Mason’s CoronaVideo, subscribe to our YouTube channel here:Continue reading “Entrepreneur Hugh Mason’s COVID-19 Survivor Story”

Khushboo’s Coronavirus Birthday Party for Her 3 Year Old

This is Kushboo Lohiya’s COVID-19 lockdown story. With birthday celebrations for her young daughter, Mishika, disrupted, Kushboo had to get creative. Watch what imagination and love can do. If you enjoyed the story of Khushboo and Mishika, subscribe to our YouTube channel here: As they say, a year older, a year wiser, Mishika speaks forContinue reading “Khushboo’s Coronavirus Birthday Party for Her 3 Year Old”

Social Impact Startup Fairmarch’s COVID-19 Lockdown Story

This is Fairmarch’s COVID-19 lockdown story. With one deaf and one visually impaired team member, working from home poses special challenges for this social impact startup. Hear what they have to say to their future selves. If you enjoyed Fairmarch’s story, subscribe to our YouTube channel here: Here is the full transcript of FairMarch’s COVID-19Continue reading “Social Impact Startup Fairmarch’s COVID-19 Lockdown Story”

Actress Debra Teng‘s COVID-19 Lockdown Story

This is Debra ’s COVID-19 lockdown story. Debra Teng, a Singaporean actress, lost all her gigs when Singapore announced a ‘circuit breaker’ , its version of a coronavirus lockdown. Hear what she has to say to her future self. If you enjoyed Debra’s story, subscribe to our YouTube channel here:  Here is the full transcript ofContinue reading “Actress Debra Teng‘s COVID-19 Lockdown Story”

Isolated But Not Alone

When I opened the door of the apartment I saw the paramedic dressed in full protective gear like a zombie movie. It suddenly hit me – this is real, writes Hugh Mason. It had begun 24 hours earlier, when I noticed I couldn’t smell the orange my wife was peeling next to me. I wentContinue reading “Isolated But Not Alone”