Entrepreneur Hugh Mason’s COVID-19 Survivor Story

 This is entrepreneur and innovation leader Hugh Mason’s COVID-19 survivor story. An Adjunct Associate Professor at the National University of Singapore, he found himself, then his wife, testing positive for the virus. Hear what Covid-19 survivor Hugh has to say to his future self. If you enjoyed Hugh Mason’s CoronaVideo, subscribe to our YouTube channel here:Continue reading “Entrepreneur Hugh Mason’s COVID-19 Survivor Story”

Actress Debra Teng‘s COVID-19 Lockdown Story

This is Debra ’s COVID-19 lockdown story. Debra Teng, a Singaporean actress, lost all her gigs when Singapore announced a ‘circuit breaker’ , its version of a coronavirus lockdown. Hear what she has to say to her future self. If you enjoyed Debra’s story, subscribe to our YouTube channel here:  Here is the full transcript ofContinue reading “Actress Debra Teng‘s COVID-19 Lockdown Story”

Isolated But Not Alone

When I opened the door of the apartment I saw the paramedic dressed in full protective gear like a zombie movie. It suddenly hit me – this is real, writes Hugh Mason. It had begun 24 hours earlier, when I noticed I couldn’t smell the orange my wife was peeling next to me. I wentContinue reading “Isolated But Not Alone”