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A Covideo by All of Us

Share Your Story

Record a video message to your future self, looking back on the coronavirus pandemic and sharing the insights you have gained. 

What have you learned about who you really are and what matters to you most?

Record Your Video 

Record your video in the landscape mode, not portrait mode, using your phone, tablet or whatever you have at hand

Choose a quiet, well lit place so we can see and hear you well. Do not insert any background music in your video. 

Imagine you are sending a message to your future self.

  1. Introduce yourself. Who you are and what you do normally.
  2. What is the struggle or loss that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused you?
  3. What are you doing to overcome the challenge? What are the good things you have experienced (if any) ?
  4. What do you want to tell your future self never to forget about this COVID19 moment? 
  5. Bonus questions:

Who did you miss the most? How did you say hello to those you miss?

What did you love about technology during the COVID-19 moment? What did you hate about technology ?

Bonus points : show off your special talent on camera : sing a song, dance a dance, perform a magic trick.

When you are done recording video, submit it below:

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